Termite inspections

How to Tell if You Have Termites

How to Tell if You Have Termites

While you don’t want to have these little guys burrowing in your home, here is how to tell if you have termites. 

The team at All Corners Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control can help out with regular inspections but you can also be on the lookout for any suspicious activity including damage in and around timber areas of your home. 

Prevention really is the best way to protect your home. If you need some advice or you want to make a booking, please get in contact with All Corners by calling us on 0439 722 914 or send an online message here

Termite Activity  

Termite activity can be hard to detect for an untrained eye. We recommend regular termite inspections at least every 12 months by a professional termite manager.  

But there are some things people can look out for in between regular inspections including: 

  • Termite mud leads on timber. 
  • Termites foraging through mulch in garden beds. 
  • Damage to timber fences, retaining walls or timber inside the home.  

If suspected termite activity is found, the biggest thing to remember is not to disturb them. We need them to be working and foraging in the area for an effective treatment to take place.  

Termite Treatment 

Termite treatments vary depending on the species of termites, where the activity is located and the building design of the home. Please, never try to deal with termites by yourself, always call in a professional. If not dealt with correctly, they can cause more damage and make repairs even more expensive down the track.  

Thankfully Zac didn’t have termites in or around his home, but we carried out a termite inspection as he wanted to make sure his home and investment were free of any issues. Here is what he said about working with All Corners;  

Client Testimonial: 

“All Corners are outstanding! We have used them while renting and now for our own home for carpet cleaning, pest sprays and termite checks! They are well priced and extremely accommodating! Ashley and Jason’s work is always top shelf, timely and informative, so we’ll be going back time and time again! Keep up the great work guys.” 

Zac R.

Termite Inspections  

We highly recommend that homeowners undertake regular termite inspections of their homes and maintain their termite management plans including physical or chemical barriers or baiting systems. You can keep an eye out for any suspect activity and notify us so we can check it out. Call us on 0439 722 914 for further advice. 

How to Tell if You Have Termites 

To book in for your termite inspection or treatment, call Ashley from All Corners today on 0439 722 914 or send us an online message here

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