How do you Prevent Silverfish When Packing up Your Christmas Decorations?

How do you Prevent Silverfish When Packing up Your Christmas Decorations

After the celebrations have finished, the guests have gone home and you’re now looking into the new year, it’s time to pack away everything from the festive season.

Nobody wants anything “extra” in the boxes, so how do you prevent silverfish when packing up your Christmas decorations?

To avoid any unwanted guests making their way into your Christmas wares, All Corners Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control have a few tips on how to keep the creepy crawlies away.

What Attracts Silverfish?

Silverfish like a dark, damp environment with a moisture and food source present. Stored goods, such as photos, books, papers, clothes and Christmas decorations can become susceptible to silverfish infestations as they like to feed on these items.

The Best Way to Store Items

It is best to place your items in sealed, plastic containers and store them away in a dry environment.

Most people will keep items in the roof void of the home. This area is also the most common area silverfish are found.

If storing items here, make sure the roof void is well ventilated to reduce moisture build-up which attracts silverfish.

How to Treat Silverfish if They are Found

These little critters are grey to brown in colour and their abdomen tapers giving them a fish like appearance.

If silverfish are found in the home, it is best to contact a professional pest controller, like All Corners, to deal with the issue. We can identify the areas where they are infesting and treat the problem to gain control of the silverfish population.

Silverfish treatments are included in our standard pest management package for a home. Book with us today by calling 0439 722 914 or enquiring online here.

How do you Prevent Silverfish When Packing up Your Christmas Decorations?

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