How to get rid of ants inside

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If tiny ants have invaded your home and you want to know how to get rid of ants inside, All Corners Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control is here to help.  

These nuisance pests like to make themselves comfortable near food and water – just like humans.  

And while there is no sure-fire way to completely eliminate them, our expert team uses safe pesticides to reduce their numbers and keep the ant army at bay. 

Keep reading our blog below to learn more. 

Why do ants come inside?  

Ants are commonly found nesting in electrical appliances, like air conditioners. They also get into food products and can even crawl into bed with you!  

Why? Well they like to be inside to be close to a food and water source such as sinks, dishwashers and food cupboards.  

How to get rid of ants permanently 

Unfortunately, you can never get rid of all ants, and their nests, completely.  

However, reducing numbers around the home helps to keep them away for a longer period of time.  

When it comes to dealing with ants, it’s best to call in the experts. 

At All Corners we:  

  1. Locate the ants’ nests,  
  2. Eliminate the nests, and 
  3. Eliminate any trails to reduce ant activity on your property.  

How to get rid of ants naturally  

The team at All Corners Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control uses a range of safe pesticides to cull ant numbers. 

While it’s recommended to call in the experts to deal with an ant problem, there are a few natural repellents you could try in the lead up to your appointment.  

  • Baking Soda – It is one of the most popular natural treatments for common insect pests. Just mix it with some powdered sugar and place it where you have seen ants. 
  • White vinegar – White vinegar helps to disrupt the pheromone trail. You can mix it with some water and spray the solution on and around the ants, and anywhere you want to stop them coming into your home. 
  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon essential oil has a strong smell that repels ants. Spray a solution of this oil and water around your home. 

How to get rid of ants inside  

If ants are invading your home, book in for your next pest control treatment today.  

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