North Brisbane Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Specials


If your carpet has seen a few more spills lately, it’s best to act quickly so any stains don’t stick!  

At All Corners, we offer the best possible clean for your carpets! 

And when you book 2 or more services you can enjoy hefty savings!  

  • Carpet cleaning 
  • Termite inspection 
  • Pest control treatment 
  • Rodent inspection & baiting program 

Are unwanted house guests keeping you awake? 

Eradicate pesky rodents at half price when you book another service with us! 

Our Rodent Package includes: 

  • Inspection of your roof void 
  • A baiting program 
  • External assessment of possible entry points 
  • Recommendations to lower your risk of rodent infestation 

Say goodbye to rats and rodents today!  

Get in touch now to book!  

All Corners offers professional carpet cleaning and pest control services to areas on Brisbane’s Northside. 

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