Pest Control and Termite Inspection

Pest Control and Termite Inspection

Have you spotted some unwanted guests crawling or squirming in and around your home?

If you said yes, then it could be time to book in for pest control and termite inspection.

At All Corners Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control our Brisbane team can carry out a pest control treatment and a termite inspection on the same day.

If we do find termites during our inspection, we’ll come back as soon as we possibly can to treat them.

Keep reading as we explain a bit more about our services.

What to Expect During Pest Control and Termite Inspection?

A combined termite inspection and pest control treatment usually takes about an hour and a half – 2 hours.

However, if we do come across any termites it can take much longer, because we’ll want to investigate thoroughly to ascertain just how much damage they’ve caused and to determine the best treatment option.

Brisbane Pest Control

During our general pest control treatments, we target spiders, cockroaches and silverfish.

To rid your home of unwanted visitors, we use the latest treatments including, liquid sprays, dry aerosols and powders.

If need be, we can also create targeted treatments for rodents and fleas.

Learn more about our pest control services here.

Termite Inspection Brisbane

When our pest management technician carries out a termite inspection, we’ll check for any signs of timber decay or damage, or mud tubing.

It is important to be vigilant with inspections and have them done regularly, due to the destructive nature of the pests and the significant damage they can cause to buildings.

If we don’t find termites, we will:

  • Highlight any issues which may attract termites
  • Recommend ways to reduce the risk of termite attacks

If we do find termites, our termite manager will:

  • Identify the species of termite
  • Determine the damage caused so far
  • Develop an appropriate treatment plan

If we can’t do the treatment that day, we’ll come back as soon as possible to eradicate the pests and prevent further damage.

Pest Control And Termite Inspection

Want to make a booking for pest control and termite inspection?

Get in touch with the qualified technicians at All Corners Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control here.

All Corners are the leading Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control professionals for the Brisbane Northside.

With over a decade of experience in these industries, no job is too big or small. We understand your need for quality!

We can help you with
Pest and Termite inspections and treatment as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning.

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