Termite Treatment Deception Bay

Termite Treatment Deception Bay

No one wants to have little critters crawling around and destroying their house, which is why it’s important to have termite treatment Deception Bay.

All Corners Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control cover termite eradication and management services where termites are prevalent.

If you suspect termite activity or need your regular inspection completed, get in touch with our team today.

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Client Testimonial Termite Treatment

We found a nest in a wall during a termite inspection at Christine’s Deception Bay home. She hadn’t had an inspection for a few years, so they had caused significant damage to her wall studding.

We treated the termite nest with Termidor foam, which we then allowed 21 days to work. When we returned to check the results, the termites were all dead. Treatment times can vary between homes, depending on the situation. We then put a termite chemical barrier in place.

Christine maintains her yearly termite inspections now instead of letting them lapse. This is important so we can make sure the house is still termite free and check for and locate any current termite activity on the property which we can treat and eliminate before it becomes an issue in the home. We send out reminders to our customers the month their termite inspections are due. 

“I have been using Ashley (All Corners Termite & Pest Control) for years now. He is so professional and punctual. I missed getting him for a couple of years and my house got infested with termites. Ashley exterminated them and did the house barrier for me. I’m not going to miss my yearly pest control again. He also sends a detailed invoice which is good to keep for when I sell my house.”

Christine M.

Regular Termite Inspections

Subterranean Termites, which you may also know as “White Ants”, are a destructive timber pest which often cause damage to homes and other buildings. 

They are quite common in the South East Queensland corner and are not easily seen by the untrained eye. A regular inspection of your property is the best protection for your home as it will help pick up termite activity at an early stage, potentially limiting the amount of damage they could cause.

An inspection will highlight risk factors around the home such as moisture build-up in timber, untreated or decaying timber sitting in your yard, termite barrier breaches and so on.

If you suspect any termite activity in or around your home, it is important that you do not touch or disturb the area until it has been seen by a pest management technician.

Termite Treatment Deception Bay

For a first time or for regular termite treatment, call in All Corners. Contact us on 0439 722 914 or send an online message here.

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