The Best Time of Year for a Pest Treatment

The Best Time of Year for a Pest Treatment

Have you kept up with your regular pest control? The best time of year for a pest treatment is quite often when the weather warms up but that may not stop other issues from arising. 

All Corners Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control can help with keeping on top of regular pest treatments, ensuring that the critters are kept away from you and your family as much as possible. 

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When to Get a Pest Treatment 

Pest activity increases around the home as the weather starts to warm up in Spring, although they can be an issue throughout the year depending on weather conditions and patterns, breeding cycles and local environmental factors.  

As people start to notice an increase in activity regardless of season, it’s definitely the right time to look at getting professional pest treatment done.  

What is Involved in a Pest Treatment? 

Our standard pest treatment targets the main nuisance bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders and ants.  

It is an internal and external treatment of the home including roof voids and wall voids, where possible.  

We can also tailor packages and prices to suit a person’s or business needs and to cover particular pests we are targeting.  

How Far Apart Should Treatments Be? 

We recommend treating a home at least every 12 months to maintain control of pest populations. This can increase to every 3 months in high risk areas such as cafes or commercial buildings.   

Pest treatments can vary on how long they last as they can be very dependent on weather and environmental conditions. Generally speaking, treating your home every 12 months helps to keep the pest populations at bay.  

The Best Time of Year for a Pest Treatment   

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