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Treating Fleas at Home Flea Pest Control Brisbane

Fleas can be tiny and troublesome houseguests, so in this blog we’ve put together some information about treating fleas at home.

The teeny wingless parasites feed on warm-blooded vertebrates like cats, dogs, birds and people, and their bites can cause irritation, including itchiness and irritation.

They are so small (only 1-10 millimetres), but they have enlarged hind legs which means they can jump easily onto other hosts.  

If you think your pet is experiencing discomfort because of fleas, keep reading about treatments you can carry out – including a pest spray by our professional All Corners Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control team.

Flea Pest Control Brisbane

Preventative Measures to Treat Fleas

Some types of fleas breed all year round, so prevention is important.

  • Maintain your dog or cat’s flea program. This may include collars or chewable monthly tablets. Talk to your vet about the best/most effective treatment for your pet.
    • Wash your pet’s bedding often, as well as other areas around the home where they might sleep (that could include your bed, the couch and rugs)
    • Vacuum your home regularly, paying more attention to carpeted areas and furniture.

Sprays to Kill Fleas

At All Corners Cleaning and Pest Control we use a synthetic chemical spray to stop the parasites in their tracks.

  • Inside your house, we carry out a full internal covering spray.
  • We also take care of the outside of your house by doing an external yard spray.

If you’ve got a bad flea infestation or a history of the parasites, we can include an insect growth regulator as well.

Treating Fleas at Home

Think you’ve got parasites invading your home or feasting on your pets?

Get rid of the unwelcome guests as soon as possible! Learn more about how we treat pest infestations here or give All Corners Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control a call today on 0439 722 914

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