What To Do After Pest Control Sprays

What To Do After Pest Control

Has your home been invaded by pests? Well, if you’ve booked in a treatment to eradicate them, you might be wondering what to do after pest control sprays.

Having a pest treatment done is the first step to rid your home of unwanted, unsettling and sometimes unhealthy pests.

However, there’s one thing in particular to avoid doing afterwards to ensure the treatment is more effective.

In this blog, the All Corners Cleaning and Pest Control team answer a few frequently asked questions we get from our clients that might also help you.

How Long After Pest Control Can I Go Home?

Many of our customers – especially those with young children and pets – wonder if they should stay at home or go elsewhere during the treatment.

It isn’t necessary for you to leave your property, but typically we recommend that clients move inside or out, while we’re treating the opposite area.

At All Corners Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control, we use the very best pesticides, which are not only highly effective but they are safe for humans and animals too.

It takes about half an hour for the pesticides to dry, so if you’d prefer to leave, or ask someone to look after your children or animals elsewhere, while the treatment is being carried out that is up to you. 

Should I Clean After Pest Control?

We recommend that you don’t mop for 24-48 hours following your treatment to allow the treatment to dry completely.

When you do need to mop, it’s also important to try to stay away from the wall edges including skirting boards and kickboards if you can, as the treatment is applied to those perimeter zones.

Avoiding these spots will allow the pesticide to set and bind, making it more effective and last longer.

It is okay to vacuum and sweep as normal.

What To Do After Pest Control Sprays

In conclusion, we recommend that you:

  • Wait elsewhere on your property while the pesticide dries.
  • Avoid mopping for 1-2 days, then be mindful about where you’re mopping and try to avoid going right up against skirting boards

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What To Do Before Pest Control
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