What To Do Before Pest Control

What to do before pest control spray

If you’ve got a pest treatment coming up you might be wondering what to do beforehand to ensure the treatment is effective and your family and fur babies are safe.

In this blog we list 6 things we recommend you do before a visit from the friendly pest control technicians at All Corners Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control on Brisbane’s northside.

6 Things to Do Before Pest Control

The treatments we use at All Corners Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control are completely safe for humans so there’s no need for people to leave their property.

Generally, if we’re treating the inside of a home, we’ll ask people to step outside and vice versa. The drying process takes about 25-30 minutes and is fine for animals and children after this time.

Some of our clients who have young child or pets prefer to take them to a local park or for a walk while the treatment is being carried out.

When preparing for your treatment, there are a few tasks we recommend you do:

1. Clean your floors thoroughly:

It is important to vacuum and mop prior to having a pest treatment done for several reasons.

  • Cleaning removes any visible pests and food sources (forcing pests out of hiding)
  • To ensure the treatment is effective, we don’t recommend mopping for 24-48 hours after your treatment. Getting it done beforehand will mean you’re not tempted to clean straight after and will allow your treatment to dry completely for maximum effectiveness.
  • Concentrate on cracks and crevasses when vacuuming

2. Pack away kids’ toys around house.

Do you have an active toddler? Chances are you’ve got lots of toys and pretend play items around the house e.g. from miniature kitchens to duplo.

If any of these happen to be near the walls, we ask that they are moved and/or packed away prior to our arrival. That way we’ll be able to get a more efficient treatment down in all rooms.

3. Pick up your pet’s belongings

Just like kids, playful pups and kittens can accumulate plenty of toys too. We recommend packing their toys away and moving their bedding away from walls, cracks or crevasses.

It is completely safe for your pets to be home during and after our treatments, but you can ask a neighbour or family member to look after them for a few hours if you’d prefer.

4. Cover your fish tank:

Do you have a fish tank or pond?

It should be covered before a pest treatment is carried out. If you haven’t been able to do this before we arrive, please advise us so we can add a protective covering to the enclosure.

5. House accessibility

We ask that you think about accessibility prior to our arrival. That includes things like:

Ensuring we can reach the manhole/roof, under the house and outside areas where pests might thrive, and

Removing any large furniture items or appliances away from walls and corners of rooms.

6. Clean kitchen and bathroom

We advise that you take out any rubbish, especially food scraps prior to a pest treatment.

It’s best to put away food items in the kitchen and toiletries in the bathroom e.g. toothbrushes and soaps in the bathroom, too.

What To Do Before Pest Control

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