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All Corners Pest Control, provide pest control services from North Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast including the North Lakes area.

One of the biggest nuisances for home occupiers in North Brisbane, including North Lakes suburbs and on the Redcliffe peninsular are all those pests that love the sunshine as much as we do.

All Corners Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control uses the latest in pest control techniques and treatments to rid your home of those unwanted guests. Black ants, cockroaches, spiders or rodents.

We can taylor a treatment program to suit your home. The pesticides we treat with are safe to use around your family and pets, but offer a long residual to keep those pests at bay.

All Corners Pest Control provides pest control services in all Brisbane northside suburbs including Narangba, Redcliffe, North Lakes, Caboolture, Bracken Ridge and Bray Park.

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Common species of cockroaches found in and around your home are the Australian and American Cockroach, the Brown Banded and Oriental Cockroach and the infamous infesting German Cockroach. Most cockroaches enter your home from the outside through the roof and wall voids looking for a damp, hot environment to search for food and to breed. The average life cycle of the cockroach can be between 6 to 12 months. Except the German Cockroach. An Indoor species commonly identified by its unique diamond shape and the distinct longitudinal lines running down their back. They can go from nympth stage to adult cockroach in as little as 6 weeks. As they breed so much quicker then the normal cockroach they can infest your home and become a big problem, real quick!!!!

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North Lakes ant problems and pest control


ANTS!!!! One of the biggest nuisance pests in North Lakes homes. With many different species of ants throughout QLD, there are a few that are common throughout the home which include the Coastal Brown Ant, The Garden Ant and the Black House Ant. They nest throughout your yard, around garden beds and under pavers. The worker ants are the common ones seen inside the kitchen and bathrooms foraging around for food and moisture, making a pest of themselves.


With thousands of different species of spiders throughout QLD, you are going to find some around your home. Some of the more common species encountered are the Daddy Long Legs, The Huntsman Spider species, Golden Orbs, Red Backs, White Tails and the Black and Red House Spiders. Spiders like to inhabit garden beds, on plants, under furniture, in weepholes and on cornicings. Not all spiders are venomous or have fangs large enough to penetrate our skin. Some species do look similar so it is advised to treat all spiders as venomous and to leave them alone. It is a good idea to check any outside furniture and children’s toy’s and play equipment for spiders before sitting down or letting the children outside for a play and to give the old workboots a good shake before putting them on.

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silverfish pest control


Silvefish are grey to brown in colour and their abdomen tapers giving them a fish like appearance. They are sensitive to light and will generally be found in dark, damp places throughout the home. They are a nuisance as they like to feed on your clothes and stored paperwork. When doing pest treatments, I commonly find them in roof voids foraging through and under the insulation.

Rats and Mice

Rats and Mice are more common in surburbia then you think. With a large food source around for these rodents, they continue to breed and populate. Some of the different species encountered are the Common Roof Rat, the Nowergian Roof Rat, Mice and the smaller Field Mice. They are scavengers that tend to be more active at night time. Rats and mice are social and will leave in large numbers, occupying roof spaces, destroying sarking and insulation, chewing through electrical cables and water pipes. Baiting for these pests is the best way to keep their populations down and limiting the damage they can cause to your home.

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pest control for fleas


Fleas are a wingless insect that feed off of the blood of their host. They are excellent jumpers which makes it easy for them to spread from host to host. Their population only consists of about 5% adults and the rest are eggs, larvae and pupae. An adult flea needs a blood meal straight away to be able to reproduce so they will sit dormant as a coccoon until a vibration of a host is felt, then they will hatch and begin to feed on you. The bite of a flea can cause itchiness and local swelling and even pass on diseases. Preventative measures such as regular vacuuming, washing pets bedding and flea programs for your pet will help keep flea populations under control but sometimes a professional flea spray and carpet clean is needed to sort the flea infestation for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a standard pest control treatment of 3000sqm property at Burpengary take?

Pest Control for large lot homes in the suburbs of Burpengary and Burpengary East will take slightly longer then the average property. Generally speaking, allow 2-3 hours to complete the treatment.

Are termites prevalent in Brisbane Northside suburbs like Carseldine, Albany Creek and Griffin?

Well established areas like Carseldine, Albany Creek and Bracken Ridge have their fair share of termite problems. Having the right Termite Management Plan in place can significantly reduce the risk of Termite Infestation in your home.

Griffin is a newer suburb and although complying termite barriers are used on most properties, regular pest inspections are highly recommended and required to maintain any warranties that may apply for your Termite physical barrier.