What Are The Main Reasons For Pest Control In Brisbane?

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If you’re not a fan of unwanted houseguests, you might be wondering what are the main reasons for pest control in Brisbane? 

We need to manage pests for many reasons but the main ones are to prevent the spread of disease, to help stop damage to our biggest asset – our home, and to stop food contamination from occurring. 

Check out our blog below to find out more about why your home needs regular pest control.  

3 Reasons You Need Pest Control  

It can be unsettling when creepy, crawling critters start taking over your Brisbane home.  

Getting and staying on top of your pest control isn’t just about feeling comfortable again – your unwanted house guests could be causing a range of issues for your home and your health.  

Regular pest treatments can help to avoid: 

Spread of diseases: 

Pests carry different diseases which they can spread when they’re freely roaming around a home.  

These diseases can cause illness, skin irritations, respiratory issues and other health problems. 

Damage to your home and belongings: 

Termites are the biggest problem when it comes to home damage, but wood borers also cause structural damage by destroying the timber in the home. This damage is not covered by insurance.   

Rodents can nibble their way through water pipes or cabling. You may also experience air conditioning or power shortages if there are black ant nest build ups.  

It’s also worth keeping an eye on your clothes because insects like silverfish can chew holes in them. 

Food contamination:

Cockroaches, rodents and other stored food product pests can be found in the pantry. They typically gnaw their way through packaging and eat your non-perishables.  

ANY item which might have been contaminated by a diseased pest needs to be thrown out.  

How Often Do You Really Need Pest Control? 

As the temperatures and humidity start to increase, insect life cycles will also start speeding up, and they’ll be out looking for food and shelter – so Spring is a really great time to book in your pest control treatment.  

We highly recommend annual termite inspections and pest treatments to help keep the bugs at bay.  

Properties which are more prone to pests may need more regular treatments every 3 to 6 months. 

What Are The Main Reasons For Pest Control in Brisbane? 

Keep the unwanted pests away with regular pest control in Brisbane.  

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